A Year of Enterprise Hosting with Platinum Website Design

Platinum Website with Responsive Design

Platinum Websites Feature a Responsive Design

It’s the day after Christmas and here we are – right back at it and ready for more! Now it’s time to prepare for the 2014 New Year! This is going to be a great year for ecommerce, if you haven’t already heard. What better way to kick start the new year than with a new website design?

Is your website looking a little tired? Getting a little less attention these days? Do your visitors leave abruptly after just getting to your page? Lacking some needed elasticity, perhaps? Oh, the woes of aging!

Get your site out of that rut.

You have the power to turn it all around! There is a simple solution and it’s relatively painless. No diet, no exercise, no sweat, and absolutely no tears. The best part? Well, that would be free SmartCart Enterprise hosting for a year!

We are pleased to announce that we are extending the offer for a free year of SmartCart Enterprise hosting with a new Platinum Website Design.


Platinum Website Design


Deposit Only $949.00

50% Deposit to start project

Full Payment $1795.00

Save $100!




Offer available for new website designs and website re-designs that are hosted with SmartCart.

Not available with any other offers or discounts.

50% design deposit is all that is needed to secure this special pricing. Balance due upon completion of the project.


Let SmartCart add more attention, more vitality, and most of all, more sales to the life of your website. It will be so fresh, you’ll definitely want to flaunt it!



About Pamela Rathbun

Pamela Rathbun is a professional web designer/developer and cofounder of SmartCart.com, an ecommerce web store builder. When she is not at her computer designing websites, or sharing her passion for web development, she relishes in the joys of photography, hiking, and snowboarding in Utah.

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