3 Easy Ways To Thank Your Customers

thank-you-customersHave you ever made a purchase online and been absolutely delighted to receive an unexpected gift when the package arrives? Nothing says “Thank you for your purchase” better than a free gift! It says it all without words yet the message is clear, “We want and appreciate your business!”.

Free Gift!

A free gift need not be extravagant or cut into your profit margins. It can be as simple as a packaged treat or an inexpensive accessory to the customer’s purchase. The simplest things can say so much!


Gift Ideas

  • Product Samples – If you have product samples available, why not include a few samples with a purchase? Include a coupon and you have a perfect match!
  • Local Goodies – Does your local area offer something special? With online purchases, it’s likely your customers will be from a different city, state, or county. Add some local flavor to your package.
  • Marketing Freebies – Need something to do with the 10,000 pens you bought with your company name embossed on them? Give them away!
  • Useful Information – Information is always welcomed and appreciated, especially when it’s applicable to the items purchased.


Gift Certificates

Encourage customers to return to your store by giving them a Gift Certificate to redeem. A bit more prestigious than a coupon, gift certificates can be used like money without any requirements.

Example: Thank you for your recent purchase. Here’s $10.00 to spend in our store!


Shopping Rewards

Establish a customer reward program and inform your customers how they can participate. These programs can be setup to give a credit to the customer once their purchases have met a certain criteria. Ecommerce systems like SmartCart make this virtually effortless to manage with the automatic distribution of customer rewards. There is a reason why you see rewards programs popping up everywhere. They have been proven to bring customers back again and again, much like a gift that keeps on giving!


While You’re At It, Add a Personal Touch

One of the most overlooked benefits to being a small business owner is the opportunity to get to know your customers – even if you’ve never met them. A handwritten note or personally selected gift based on the customer’s preferences adds a personal touch that won’t be found when ordering from a big box store.

Always consider the package that you send to your customers as an extension of marketing for your business. Your efforts will be rewarded, not only in repeat purchases, but the positive experience your have created for your customers!


About Pamela Rathbun

Pamela Rathbun is a professional web designer/developer and cofounder of SmartCart.com, an ecommerce web store builder. When she is not at her computer designing websites, or sharing her passion for web development, she relishes in the joys of photography, hiking, and snowboarding in Utah.